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Swag level: Cobi Jones

Cobi Jones looks at you…and your pants come off…at least they did during a shoot for the 1994 Soccer Madness catalog.

Swag Level: Cobi Jones

So many great things about this. Cobi’s hair, the fact that Admiral’s trying to sex it up, the two former United States Men’s National Team member who are on the opposite page…looking envious of the former Vasco de Gama, Coventry City, and LA Galaxy midfielder.

Reveal the identities of the USMNTers

Meola Does It All

…including detective work.

Two years ago I was on a quest to find out who was behind the Soccer Madness catalog.

Tony Meola - Soccer Madness

Tony Meola, America’s finest Goalkeeper, has been leading our National Team since the last World Cup in Italy. His glove, the Meola International by Reusch has been our best seller for the last three seasons. He is picture here after a serious work out in the Orange Bowl wearing his Soccer Madness tee shirt.

Tony Meola helps, I try to help him

John Ebbrell’s old club 1 – Manchester United 0

Merseyside is blue. The Reds are still blue over Saturday’s loss to West Brom, the Blues are celebrating their 1-nil win over Manchester United, and Former Toffee John Ebbrell is head of Academy Coaching at Transmere Rovers.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know anything about John Ebbrell prior to 9:47pm EST. After finding Everton midfielder on page 46 of the Winter 1993/94 Eurosport, I can tell you that a) his job title is more badass on Wikipedia than it is on the Transmere Rovers site (“Centre of Excellence Manager” vs “Head of Academy Coaching”), I can tell you he made over 200 appearances for Everton between 1986 and 1997, and I can tell you how he was forced to retire due to an infection he picked up in an hospital while have a procedure done on his ankle.

John Ebbrell

The caption from Eurosport reads:

Everton’s John Ebbrell celebrates his goal in Everton’s 2-0 victory over Southhampton. This season is critical both for Everton and its Merseyside neighbor Liverpool. Despite being two of the most dominant teams of the 80’s, the two teams have only one tropy between them in the 90’s —Liverpool’s 1992 FA Cup. After spending two seasons neaer the middle of the table, both sides are in need of a strong season. While Liverpool fans are excited about the arrival of Nigel Clough, fans at Goodison Park are distraught over the departure of Peter Beardsley to Newcastle. Whether or not Everton manager Howard Kendall can find a suitable replacement for Beardsley remains to be seen.

…speaking of Everton legends.

Happier Times for Liverpool

Losing 3 nil to West Brom on the opening day of the season? Definitely tough to take…especially considering how Liverpool finished last year…things could only get better, right? RIGHT?!

As a Liverpool supporter, I’d give anything to see some smiles at Anfield next Sunday against City.

I found this in the Winter 1992/93 Eurosport. Rushie, Deano Saunders, and a young, baby faced Macca.

Ian Rush, Dean Saunders, Steve McManaman liked winning.

The caption reads:
Last year’s F.A. Cup was a happier time for Liverpool striker Dean Saunders. Brought to Liverpool’s Anfield Road for a record fee, Saunders was tranferred this season to midland side Aston Villa. Saunders is shown here celebrating with fellow Welshman Ian Rush and England hopeful Steve McManaman. Rush’s goal sealed the victory in the F.A. Cup final.

Expensive striker moved on to another club after a year? …Doesn’t sound familiar.