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John Terry – Cupid’s Captain

Congratulations to whoever is running the promotions over at The Onionbag. I saw this gem when I visited their site yesterday…definitely got a laugh out of me.

The OnionBag was offering free printing of “Terry 6” on the England Home Jersey through Valentine’s Day.

As reports roll in that Alexander Hleb has stepped down as captain for the Belarusian National Team…one can only wonder what else John Terry has been up to.

Whatever happened to Ryan Giggs?

I found this in the August 7th, 1993 issue of Shoot. Ryan Giggs was destined to be a star at United…aside from whipping in crosses and taking on defenders he sells a mean kit.

Ryan Giggs


Frank LeBoeuf on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars has seen it’s fair share of footballers: Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith and Lawrence Taylor have all laced up their dancing shoes for the ABC reality show. Last week’s premiere, showed another, lesser known footballer (to the American viewer) in the audience…Frank LeBoeuf.

The former Chelsea back and French World Cup winner was there supporting compatriot, Gilles Marini.

LeBoeuf isn’t the only footballer to have been recently featured on an ABC program.

Think you know the footballer who infuriated millions of women?

Ronaldinho Bottle Opener

I came across this Ronaldinho bottle opener tonight. Not really sure what the story is behind it. Based on the fact that I can’t find anyplace to buy one and that this one supposedly sold on eBay for 12 grand…I’m assuming it was a custom made original.

Drop me a comment if anyone knows anything more about this…I’ve been looking to drop 12k on a bottle opener for some time.

more pics of your wingman, Ronaldhino after the jump

Ryan Giggs set to retire?

The ironman of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs, hinted that he could retire from football at the end of the season. Giggs will be out of contract with United in May and has hinted at the possibility of hanging up his boots at the end of the season. Giggs was quoted as saying “I will keep playing as long as I enjoy it, I am fit and the manager wants me. If one of those three things stops, I will consider retiring.”

More Giggsy

Goalies in Headgear

Petr Cech isn’t the first goalkeeper to grace the Englist league with headgear. Before Stephen Hunt crashed into Cech…forcing him to play with his protective helmet there was the always colorful Bruce “Crazy Legs” Grobbelaar.

Petr Cech v. Bruce Grobbelaar

More CrazyLegs…and a surprise guest after the jump



Baby faced Brad Friedel

I found some nice shots of Brad Friedel while flipping through the Winter 94/Spring 95 Soccer Madness Catalog. Brad would have been playing in either Denmark with Brondby or in Turkey with Galatasaray when he posed for these photos.

More photos of a young Brad Friedel

“I am Zlatan…and I am great.”

I was talking to Jay and Heather the other day about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Apparently, Heather is quite taken with saying his name…”Zlatan Ibrahimovic.” It’s almost as fun to say as it is to spell.

Anytime someone brings up Zlatan I tend to talk about two thigns: a) how is “Zlatan Ibrahimovic” Swedish (turns out he’s of Bosnian and Croatian descent) and 2) the gum incident.

“What gum incident?” you say?

So long, Keano.

Roy Keane resigned as Sunderland boss yesterday. Apparently Keano had a falling out with some of the Black Cats after their 4-1 defeat to Bolton last weekend. The lost was Sunderland’s fifth in six Premier League games. Keano stepped down from his position via a text message to his compariot and Sunderland chairman, Niall Quinn.

Before Keane was captaining United and mixing it up in tunnels prior to matches with Patrick Viera…he was scoring goals for Nottingham Forest and being featured in early issues of Eurosport.

This comes from the Fall 1992 Eurosport.