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Umbro + Mickey Mouse

Disney teamed up with Umbro to produce a limited number of “Tuff Mickey” soccer apparel via Soccer World. The Mickey Tees and Mickey Badge Shorts were created for World Cup ’94. Once they were sold out…they were gone.

World Cup Mickey by Umbro

Does anyone remember this?

Before there was FIFA 10…there was Pele.

I picked up a copy of FIFA 10 today. The game is fun…but feels geared towards a younger audience.

I’ve always liked the EA Sports FIFA games although it would break my video gaming heart when they would remove features of the game that I liked. Seriously…the FIFA that had the indoor soccer was awesome…hated to see that go. Indoor arena venue or no indoor arena venue, soccer video games have come a long way since Accolade’s Pele.

Pele by Accolade