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Samba Derivatives

I remember flipping through catalogs and coming across the Samba Derivatives…I thought they were awesome. Everyone seemed to have Sambas growing up…I was never crazy about the traditional pair. I think I was turned off by the fact that they were so popular.

I saw kid wearing a pair of the Oak Derivatives while watching my older sister’s indoor game. He was the best player on her team…my mind was set…I had to have a pair of the Jack Tripper-esque Sambas.

There was one problem…the Samba Derivatives were only sold for a limited time.

Eventually I came across a pair…in a Play It Again Sports store. Yep…I bought and wore a pair of used shoes. It kind of grosses me out now…but at the time, at the time I didn’t care.

For those keeping score at home, they looked better than they felt. I got so many blisters from those bastards.

The scan is courtesy of the Fall 92/Spring 93 Soccer World catalog.

Nike Mercurial Vapor – Berry…Pink

Nike introduced the eighth version of the Mercurial Vapor…they say the boot is “berry”…it’s pink.

I predicted that Djibril Cisse would be the first player to don the boot…he’s never struck me as one to shy away from anything flashy. I was wrong…I spotted both Franck Ribery and Niklas Bendtner wearing the boot over the weekend. Ribery wears them better.

Nike Mercurial Vapor - Berry

Check out some colorful Gazelles…courtesy of SoccerPlus

Donde esta la pelota?

This guy’s tai chi pose from the fall 94 TSI catalog would have made a lot more sense if they hadn’t potatochopped the ball out of the shot.

I like that he’s wearing Puma’s while modeling the Adidas Warm Up. Rudi and Adi Dassler are pleased.