Nike Mercurial Vapor – Berry…Pink

Nike introduced the eighth version of the Mercurial Vapor…they say the boot is “berry”…it’s pink.

I predicted that Djibril Cisse would be the first player to don the boot…he’s never struck me as one to shy away from anything flashy. I was wrong…I spotted both Franck Ribery and Niklas Bendtner wearing the boot over the weekend. Ribery wears them better.

Nike Mercurial Vapor - Berry

When I was growing up you could only find black boots. One season my sister and I got shoes from Wal-Mart…”Sprints.” They came in either black or white…I remember thinking I looked goofy as hell in white shoes. I had no idea white shoes would soon become the norm in 20 years.

While outdoor boots primarily came in black…indoor shoes were far more colorful.

Adidas Gazelles were generally sold with the disclaimer “Not for designed for training”…although the cats I played with always wore them as indoor shoes. I know, I ran with a fast crowd.

Here are a few colorful gems from the Fall of 93…courtesy of SoccerPlus.

Adidas Gazelles

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do you guys know wee i can buy some of theses? and price

I know Eurosport sold them for a brief time. They were a limited edition boot. I haven’t seen them being sold anywhere. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

Does anybody know where to get these Gazelles in these colors?

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