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Before there was FIFA 10…there was Pele.

I picked up a copy of FIFA 10 today. The game is fun…but feels geared towards a younger audience.

I’ve always liked the EA Sports FIFA games although it would break my video gaming heart when they would remove features of the game that I liked. Seriously…the FIFA that had the indoor soccer was awesome…hated to see that go. Indoor arena venue or no indoor arena venue, soccer video games have come a long way since Accolade’s Pele.

Pele by Accolade


Maradona World Cup

Long before Diego was celebrating Martin Palermo’s injury time goal with a water landing…and years after he miraculously deflated England and enraged Terry Butcher with the “Hand of God”…Diego Maradona and Puma were selling the Maradona World Cup.

Puma Maradona World Cup boots


Surprise from Eurosport

I got an email the other day from Chris, the head writer and photo editor at Eurosport. Chris was cool enough to send me some some some old catalogs.

I came home today to find a gem of a package waiting for me from Eurosport.

Surprise from Eurosport


Eurosport’s First Catalog

Eurosport just recently celebrated their 25th year of service to the soccer community. Eurosport is a huge part of this site. This site would not exist were it not for the glossy, action shot filled Eurosport catalogs that I’ve collected since my childhood.

Brian over at Eurosport was kind enough to send me the cover of their first catalog.

1st Eurosport Catalog

Eurosport’s first catalog features Bayern Munich’s Karl-Heinz Rummenige on the cover. Anyone want to weigh in on the identity of the bearded wonder marking him?

I love how the Eurosport logo has not changed in their 25 years of existence. It’s classic.