Maradona World Cup

Long before Diego was celebrating Martin Palermo’s injury time goal with a water landing…and years after he miraculously deflated England and enraged Terry Butcher with the “Hand of God”…Diego Maradona and Puma were selling the Maradona World Cup.

Puma Maradona World Cup boots


Simply the Copa

The Fall 1994 Eurosport provides an interesting look into the production of a Copa Mundial.

Take a look into the production of a Copa Mundial

My Shoe Bag: Fall 1993

The Fall of 1993 saw me rocking three different boots. I had a pair of Bellotti Mostros, Lanzera Top Techs and the trusty, reliable Adidas Copa Mundial.

Why I needed three seperate boots? Well…I used to obsess over professionals…anything they did, I wanted to do. If Lothar Matthaeus changes his boots at halftime then I change my boots at halftime.

Copa Mundial

I think it’s safe to say that a good majority of players have owned a pair or two of Copas. To this day they’re still one of my favorite boots. I’ve tried a handful of other boots…nothing have been able to match the comfort and touch that the Copa provides.

I bought my first pair of Copas from Meek’s Sporting Goods at the Upper Valley Mall in Springfield, Ohio. I wore the shit out of them. The kangaroo leather was waterproof…I thought that meant they were impervious to snow as well. During the winter months I would go outside and take target practice with little snow mounds that I would create. My feet always stayed dry…as did my shoes…permanently. I should have done a better job drying my boots.

2 more shoes were in my Shoe Bag