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Ronaldinho Bottle Opener

I came across this Ronaldinho bottle opener tonight. Not really sure what the story is behind it. Based on the fact that I can’t find anyplace to buy one and that this one supposedly sold on eBay for 12 grand…I’m assuming it was a custom made original.

Drop me a comment if anyone knows anything more about this…I’ve been looking to drop 12k on a bottle opener for some time.

more pics of your wingman, Ronaldhino after the jump

Wilson to replace Brine as official supplier of NCAA soccer balls.

The NCAA has selected Wilson to replace Brine as the official supplier of NCAA soccer balls starting in 2009. Wilson is hoping to expand upon their soccer brand by the partnership with the NCAA. I didn’t realize that Wilson had much of a soccer brand…apparently they’re match balls are used in South America and in a few states in the US.


Ryan Giggs set to retire?

The ironman of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs, hinted that he could retire from football at the end of the season. Giggs will be out of contract with United in May and has hinted at the possibility of hanging up his boots at the end of the season. Giggs was quoted as saying “I will keep playing as long as I enjoy it, I am fit and the manager wants me. If one of those three things stops, I will consider retiring.”

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Goalies in Headgear

Petr Cech isn’t the first goalkeeper to grace the Englist league with headgear. Before Stephen Hunt crashed into Cech…forcing him to play with his protective helmet there was the always colorful Bruce “Crazy Legs” Grobbelaar.

Petr Cech v. Bruce Grobbelaar

More CrazyLegs…and a surprise guest after the jump

What I love about Saturday mornings



Acme Soccer & Widget Works

Half comic book, half soccer catalog…that’s probably the best way I could describe the Acme Soccer & Widget Works catalog. Each catalog followed Billy Preston and his team FC Nil. Bill and his teammates would face different obstacles in each catalog. Billy gets his Acme Boots Stolen in this issue…quickly needing another pair of quality boots at a reasonable price…before FC Nil faces off against the mighty Bayern Monster.


Simply the Copa

The Fall 1994 Eurosport provides an interesting look into the production of a Copa Mundial.

Take a look into the production of a Copa Mundial

Baby faced Brad Friedel

I found some nice shots of Brad Friedel while flipping through the Winter 94/Spring 95 Soccer Madness Catalog. Brad would have been playing in either Denmark with Brondby or in Turkey with Galatasaray when he posed for these photos.

More photos of a young Brad Friedel