Wilson to replace Brine as official supplier of NCAA soccer balls.

The NCAA has selected Wilson to replace Brine as the official supplier of NCAA soccer balls starting in 2009. Wilson is hoping to expand upon their soccer brand by the partnership with the NCAA. I didn’t realize that Wilson had much of a soccer brand…apparently they’re match balls are used in South America and in a few states in the US.

Wilson President Chris Considine was quoted as saying “Wilson has the product expertise and experience to manufacture a world-class NCAA Soccer Match Ball. With our resources and commitment, we will deliver an exceptional product to the NCAA.”

I’m anxious to see what the new NCAA match ball will look and feel like. I’m not sure if the production of the NCAA match ball will make Wilson a player alongside the likes of Puma, Adidas, Nike and Umbro…it didn’t really work out that great for Brine, in my opinion…but we’ll see.

The scan below is from the 94 issue of TSI Soccer.

Brine Phantom Soccer Ball

3 Responses to “Wilson to replace Brine as official supplier of NCAA soccer balls.”

I remember playing with those Brines in middle and high school. I think we even used the size 3 and 4 in elementary school.

Yeah, I think I only used them in college. Aside from that NCAA ball…I never really played with any Brines.

I miss the Brine Ghost. Somebody stole mine.

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