Surprise from Eurosport

I got an email the other day from Chris, the head writer and photo editor at Eurosport. Chris was cool enough to send me some some some old catalogs.

I came home today to find a gem of a package waiting for me from Eurosport.

Surprise from Eurosport

I geek out pretty hard over soccer memorabilia…the prospect of old soccer catalogs being inside the package…got me all the more fired up. I could feel a couple things…an article of clothing…a stack of catalogs perhaps? I opened the package and found…

Eurosport t-shirt

…a Eurosport t-shirt. Very cool. In addition to the t-shirt there were two envelopes, one smaller than the other other. The smaller envelope had something written on it.

Photos from German v. Albania

The envelope says “Germany v. Albania – when Germany qualified for ’98 W.C.” I opened the envelope to find glossy, action shots of Thomas Hassler, Ollie Kahn, Olaf Marschall’s mustache and Grinnsy Klinnsy.

Juergen Klinnsman

The last item in the package was a large envelope.


The envelope contained 2 Acme Soccer & Widget Works catalogs, a Eurosport from Spring of 93 (I still have my original), some stickers, a 2001 Champion’s League statistics guide, some Nike literature…and a Eurosport…in pristine condition from…1988.

Eurosport catalogs
Eurosport 88

This Eurosport is now the oldest catalog in the archive beating my first Eurosport by four years. It was really great to see so many items that I’ve never seen before such as the Rummenigge Star and the Maradona World Cup.

Thanks again Chris…and Eurosport!

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dude do you have his email address? i wanted some old catalogues myself.

I’ll forward your email address to him. Do you follow Eurosport on Twitter? That’s another great way to get in touch with someone there.

no, i don’t have twitter but thank you for forwarding his email address.

Would you be able to shoot me his email as well? I was hoping to get my hands on a few myself. Oh, how I miss those old cartoons and write-ups.

Great site, glad to know I’m not alone in remembering these classics.

Hey. I have always been curious as to what the old catalogs have to offer. I’ve been playing my whole life, but I’m in my late teens so I’m relatively new to the sport myself. If you could send his email my way that would be awesome. (I’m twitter less also)

If you see this email, in 2020, it is a fan from Chula Vista, CA.
I really just wanted to see the catalog where the international kits where on sale leading up to the WC of 2006.
Man, where those shorts from ADIDAS something that year.

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