Maradona World Cup

Long before Diego was celebrating Martin Palermo’s injury time goal with a water landing…and years after he miraculously deflated England and enraged Terry Butcher with the “Hand of God”…Diego Maradona and Puma were selling the Maradona World Cup.

Puma Maradona World Cup boots

This was taken from a Eurosport catalog from 1988. I had never seen or heard about this boot before. I knew that Adidas had a World Cup boot, the soft ground cousin of the Copa. I never knew that Puma branded one first.

The Maradona World Cup featured a full grain leather upper with a triple density nylon sole. Eurosport was selling the boot for $137.95 and had the following to say about it:

“A replaceable soccer boot of the premier class. Its newly developed sole is made of three different density compounds. Its arrangement of flex grooves and an EVA wedge combine for excellent shock absorption in the heel area. This boot is a product of superior craftsmanship, and is top-class for soft and wet conditions.”

Has anyone seen, worn or heard of Puma’s Maradona World Cup?

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I actually have some Maradona Cup’s that I played in during High School, they are black and white with an almost aqua green color.

Any chance you could post a picture please?

were these boots comfortable?

Wow!!! This is a blast from the past!!! First pair of puma boots I had when I was 9. Loved these boots, felt like god wearing them. Stylish, comfortable and inspired me, pity though, I was not that good with the ball at my feet or with my hand:)

I still have mine. Were very very comfortable. Super light. The only issue for me was the inside back stud leaned in over the years of playing in them. I guess mt ankles rolled in a little and the red foam near the studs didnt support enough. I cleaned and polished them after every use. I’m thinking of putting them up on ebay. I got them at Athlete’s Foot for $149.00. Best cleats I ever wore!

also the right toe separated from the bottom of the cleat. Probably from all the goal kicks and corners I took. Nothing a good craftsman couldnt repair. I’d post photos but I dont see how to on here.

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