Before there was FIFA 10…there was Pele.

I picked up a copy of FIFA 10 today. The game is fun…but feels geared towards a younger audience.

I’ve always liked the EA Sports FIFA games although it would break my video gaming heart when they would remove features of the game that I liked. Seriously…the FIFA that had the indoor soccer was awesome…hated to see that go. Indoor arena venue or no indoor arena venue, soccer video games have come a long way since Accolade’s Pele.

Pele by Accolade

I got Pele for the Genesis for Christmas in 1993. There are two things I remember vividly about the game 1) it was incredibly hard to score and b) there were no licenses for the players.

I think I scored probably 6 times…and always while I was attacking the goal at the top of the screen. Come halftime…forget about it. I had to get the lead and play a style of Cattennacio that even Dino Zoff would be proud to stand behind. Unlike the EA games today…there was virtually no player licensing in Pele. There was a player from Argentina who was named “Maradini”. You had a lot of that.

The actual footage from the game makes me feel a lot, A LOT older than I actually am.

The Spring 94 Soccer World catalog had this to say about the game:

Soccer superstar Pele brings his special magic to a fantastic new soccer game for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. It’s super soccer action, as dozens of teams from around the world clash in a furious duel of international styles. Choose a team from the U.S., Europe, South America, Africa, or Asia. Or edit a team to create your own evelen superstars. Using Pele’s great “Team Logic”, players move towards balls being passed from teammates. Give your players pinpoint shooting ability, championship speed and great ball control. Take on dozens of international challengers in an electrifying mix of bicycle kicks, headers, slides, dives, scoring and goal keeper saves. Computer features allow you to:

  • Control the goal keeper’s defensive dives and jumps
  • Adjust the difficulty level by customizing player attributes in play
  • Customize team uniforms to your preference
  • Play real “fight songs” with the digitized crowd noise and sound effects
  • Challenge a friend in “2 player” competition

What’s your favorite soccer video game?

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Pro Evolution, baby!

Fifa 11 just released, and it’s even more so better! Very realistic, great gameplay, fluid movements, great AI… I’m hooked! Great site by the way.

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