Goalies in Headgear

Petr Cech isn’t the first goalkeeper to grace the Englist league with headgear. Before Stephen Hunt crashed into Cech…forcing him to play with his protective helmet there was the always colorful Bruce “Crazy Legs” Grobbelaar.

Petr Cech v. Bruce Grobbelaar

This shot of Bruce Grobbelaar was taken from the Spring 1995 issue of Eurosport. The former Liverpool number 1 was playing for Southampton when he donned this stylish, bedazzled protective mask.

…and a shot of Grobbelaar’s crazy legs in action:

Cech isn’t the only Blue that has sang to Christine on matchday. John Terry has also gotten in on the fun…the fun ends that when that cheekbone you’re protecting comes into contact with a high elbow…but JT doesn’t know anything about high elbows.

John Terry & Petr Cech

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[…] I’m all for awarding someone a cap when they play for an international team. But wear it during the game! It’s just not a good look, from Kahn to Kirkland to Cech, but at least Cech has a reason for looking like he is going to be in the next Tron movie. For a very special treat, see what “Crazy Legs” once donned around his cabeza here. […]

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