I had a pretty serious relationship with the Archangel Gabriel Omar Batistuta…afectionately known by millions as “Batigoal”…when I was in college. We’d hang out for hours upon hours everday…wrecking my friend Brad…his go to guy, “Chad Deering”…along with the rest of the US Men’s National team in FIFA 98.

For as much as I enjoy playing video games…I’m pretty horrible at video games. I would pick one of the best teams, Argentina, who were armed with two great goalscorers: Batigoal and Hernan Crespo…and Brad would still find a way to make things interesting. For a while we were pretty religious about keeping track of our on pitch battles. I can’t remember who had the better record…I’d like to say that I got the better of Brad but I’m sure he was probably a few games ahead of me.

I know…had I been studying instead of keeping track of my feeble attempts at FIFA dominance I’d be a Cardiologist right now saving lives and dropping my title of “Doctor” anytime I made dinner reservations…instead…I write about old soccer catalogs.

This shot of Batistuta was from the Winter 1993/1994 issue of Eurosport.

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