Chilling with the 1992 US Men’s National Team

I found this gem in the Fall 92/Spring 93 Soccer World catalog. I always liked the Soccer World catalogs…they were huge…just like the older Eurosport catalogs. The mailman had to do a trifold in order to get it in our mailbox. The full color catalog had some great pieces of content…as well as some great photos. Has anyone else ever come across a picture of the USA Men’s National Team trying their best to look relaxed?

Here’s what the team looked like in their team photo.

I like how the Adidas Etrusco Unicos form the Adidas Equipment logo…fancy.

And here’s what the team looks like when they were kicking it…laid back style.

Alright, let’s ID the team.

A little help?

I’m not 100% on 9, 11, 13 or 15.

Joe-Max Moore seems to make sense for #9…he scored a few goals in the 92 Olympics…he would be the baby of the team…which would explain why the veterans would have made him wear that lone US Soccer shinnie.

#11? I know Chris Henderson was the youngest from the 1990 World Cup team…I know, they were all young. I’m not totally sold that this is him though.

#13…I’m going with Troy Dayak solely based off the moustache…although this guy looks a little latino…but then again, Troy Dayak looked a little latino. I got nothing for you #13.

#15? Don’t ask me why but everytime I look at this guy I think he’s one of the Beach Boys. I think I’m basing this solely off the episode of Full House where the Beach Boys guest star…one of the Boys has a huge, goofy baseball hat on. Yeah, I watched Full House…it’s awesome, I know.

Anyone want to take a shot at these unknowns? Did I incorrectly ID someone? Leave a comment and let me know.

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I loved those catalogs too. There has to be a way to see some old copies. I to this day have a poster very similar the team photo above.

15 is Chris Henderson and 11 is Bruce savage. Not sure 9 is Moore though!

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