Frank LeBoeuf on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars has seen it’s fair share of footballers: Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith and Lawrence Taylor have all laced up their dancing shoes for the ABC reality show. Last week’s premiere, showed another, lesser known footballer (to the American viewer) in the audience…Frank LeBoeuf.

The former Chelsea back and French World Cup winner was there supporting compatriot, Gilles Marini.

LeBoeuf isn’t the only footballer to have been recently featured on an ABC program.

It’s Landon!

Seriously, look at these two…tell me Jason Mesnick shouldn’t be playing Landon in the never to be produced, made for tv movie about the US National Team. They look like they could be brothers.

…and wow…do people hate Jason. I’m not going to dive into the details of the hatred…since I’ve already played my “Yeah, I watch The Bachelor” hand.

The only people who hate Landon are Mexicans.

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