Apprentice: Frankie Hejduk

One of the things I love most about flipping through old catalogs is seeing the footballing stars of today as fresh, green, young players. Remember young Frankie Hejduk?

I remember this Frankie Hejduk. This was the Frankie Hejduk that used to do that Reggae Ska after he scored goals.

Nowadays Frankie’s made a name for himself with the US National team and winning MLS Cup for the Crew…chugging beers with fans hasn’t hurt his rep either.

2 Responses to “Apprentice: Frankie Hejduk”

I believe we were all young once and easily won over by the follicle power of Hejduk, Lalas, Jones, and Agoos. Though Agoos won me over with his chiseled looks and uber-manliness.

During the mid nineties it was hard for me to look at Goose without thinking of the SNL Skit “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.” I saw a picture of him now…he cleans up well…should have ditched the long hair years ago.

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