Adidas World Cup Balls

1970 – Telstar

I loved this ball. It had a polyurethane cover that felt like it was exploded off your foot when you hit it. Carlos Alberto loved this ball too…loved smashing it into the back of the net.

1982 – Tango

I remember variations of the Tango. I had a Tango Pasadena that had a similar feel to the Telstar. My Tango was kicked into the woods one too many times…never to be seen from again.

1986 – Azteca

You know what’s coming…quite possibly the greatest goal ever scored in the World Cup and the Adidas Azteca was along for the ride. Don’t mention the other Maradona goal to Terry Butcher…you know, when you guys are playing Mario Kart together this weekend.

1990 – Etrusco

…And then there’s the 1990 Adidas Etrusco…the 1990 World Cup will always have a special place in my heart. This was the first World Cup I ever saw. I would tape games and watch them over and ever again. The England/Cameroon quarterfinal is still one of my favorite matches to watch.

Here’s Baggio doing an Italian impression of the little Maradona.

What are your favorite goals that were scored with these four balls? Leave your favorites in the comments.


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Lothar Mattaeus’ goals against Yugoslavia in Italia 90 are a couple of my favorites from that tournament.

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