Kasey Keller and Seattle Sounders down Red Bulls NY 3 – 0.

It was great seeing Kasey Keller last night in the Seattle Sounders opener. The Sounders beat the Red Bulls 3 nil. I can assure you, Sounders fans have plenty more shutouts to look forward to as long as Keller’s between the posts.

The atmosphere in Seattle last night was electric. I caught the game a little late…when I turned it on fans where going nuts, Drew Carey’s marching band was playing…and there was a goal. Yeah, it was a recipe for future success in the MLS. Excited fans, a ton of atmosphere, a goal…all positives. The negatives? Well, for one, I almost forgot the game was on…which is really easy to do with the ever changing game times and lack of exposure to the league from the rest of the sporting world and b) the announcers. I love John Harkes and JP Dellacamera…they’re great…I just think they talk a little too much. And when they should be making some noise, like when Brad Evans got the second…silent. It was as if the Sounder’s goal had interrupted their commentary.

Great to see you playing on US soil again, Kasey. Looking forward to seeing you again…if I can remember when the games are on.

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