Maradona World Cup

Long before Diego was celebrating Martin Palermo’s injury time goal with a water landing…and years after he miraculously deflated England and enraged Terry Butcher with the “Hand of God”…Diego Maradona and Puma were selling the Maradona World Cup.

Puma Maradona World Cup boots

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Surprise from Eurosport

I got an email the other day from Chris, the head writer and photo editor at Eurosport. Chris was cool enough to send me some some some old catalogs.

I came home today to find a gem of a package waiting for me from Eurosport.

Surprise from Eurosport

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Eurosport’s First Catalog

Eurosport just recently celebrated their 25th year of service to the soccer community. Eurosport is a huge part of this site. This site would not exist were it not for the glossy, action shot filled Eurosport catalogs that I’ve collected since my childhood.

Brian over at Eurosport was kind enough to send me the cover of their first catalog.

1st Eurosport Catalog

Eurosport’s first catalog features Bayern Munich’s Karl-Heinz Rummenige on the cover. Anyone want to weigh in on the identity of the bearded wonder marking him?

I love how the Eurosport logo has not changed in their 25 years of existence. It’s classic.

Kasey Keller and Seattle Sounders down Red Bulls NY 3 – 0.

It was great seeing Kasey Keller last night in the Seattle Sounders opener. The Sounders beat the Red Bulls 3 nil. I can assure you, Sounders fans have plenty more shutouts to look forward to as long as Keller’s between the posts.

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Adidas World Cup Balls

1970 – Telstar

I loved this ball. It had a polyurethane cover that felt like it was exploded off your foot when you hit it. Carlos Alberto loved this ball too…loved smashing it into the back of the net.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As the final hours of St. Patrick’s Day continue to tick away I’m sitting here, staring at the cover of the Fall 1994 World Cup Edition of Eurosport. Two things intrigue me about this cover: a) this is the World Cup Edition of the Soccer catalog…how did Ireland manage to sneak their way onto this badass? Could they have thrown Lothar Mattheaus, Grinsy Klinnsy or maybe even Maradona on here? and 2) what the hell kind of defending is going on here? I know it’s a still photo but let’s state the facts…two dudes are colliding with each other, one guy’s looking for a leprechaun in Alabama and the ball is hiding out behind them.

Check out some Ireland memorabilia from Eurosport, TSI, Soccer Master and Acme after the jump

Frank LeBoeuf on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars has seen it’s fair share of footballers: Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith and Lawrence Taylor have all laced up their dancing shoes for the ABC reality show. Last week’s premiere, showed another, lesser known footballer (to the American viewer) in the audience…Frank LeBoeuf.

The former Chelsea back and French World Cup winner was there supporting compatriot, Gilles Marini.

LeBoeuf isn’t the only footballer to have been recently featured on an ABC program.

Think you know the footballer who infuriated millions of women?

Ronaldinho Bottle Opener

I came across this Ronaldinho bottle opener tonight. Not really sure what the story is behind it. Based on the fact that I can’t find anyplace to buy one and that this one supposedly sold on eBay for 12 grand…I’m assuming it was a custom made original.

Drop me a comment if anyone knows anything more about this…I’ve been looking to drop 12k on a bottle opener for some time.

more pics of your wingman, Ronaldhino after the jump

Wilson to replace Brine as official supplier of NCAA soccer balls.

The NCAA has selected Wilson to replace Brine as the official supplier of NCAA soccer balls starting in 2009. Wilson is hoping to expand upon their soccer brand by the partnership with the NCAA. I didn’t realize that Wilson had much of a soccer brand…apparently they’re match balls are used in South America and in a few states in the US.

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Ryan Giggs set to retire?

The ironman of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs, hinted that he could retire from football at the end of the season. Giggs will be out of contract with United in May and has hinted at the possibility of hanging up his boots at the end of the season. Giggs was quoted as saying “I will keep playing as long as I enjoy it, I am fit and the manager wants me. If one of those three things stops, I will consider retiring.”

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